Friday, December 7, 2012

Tool #6

I chose to create a Wallwisher for my students to be able to view the guidelines for their final project in class. This way, they could all have easy access to refresh their memory if they forgot what the exact requirements were. This would be a great way to post important information and due dates for all students to see! I posted the link below.

I also chose to create a document on Google Docs, so my students could see how I am going to grade them. Next to each of the eight counts, I will write down the different things I see. This way I can grade each group fairly, because I will know what they did and did not include from the guidelines. The link is below:

These tools would be great for the classroom, because all of the students could access the sites on their own time. It would be an easy way to post deadlines and project information without having to print it out on paper and hand it out.

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